Facility Info

Private Villa Overlooking Panoramic View of Mt.Yufu

Yufuin Tsubaki is a private villa for adults who desire to escape from daily life.
We will offer you a refreshing space that fulfills your heart and coziness like home. You can feel the Yufuin's time which goes slowly.
We look forward to seeing you from the bottom of our hearts.

*There are only Japanese and Chinese speaker staffs only.


At Yufuin Tsubaki, all rooms are completely separated building. Also the front desk, lobby, and dining room are independent buildings as well.

Front & Lobby

Front desk and lobby features a wooden taste which make you feel a warmth of wood. The view from terrace is fantastic as well.


A spacious restaurant features table sheets and private tatami floor sheets.
The view from the terrace of restaurant is superb as well.